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Dundee Gardens delivers mulch straight to your home!
Our mulch is made from recycled wood pallets. Pallet wood mulch does not contain any of the contaminants found in other natural mulch materials such as tree bark or yard waste. It usually lasts longer due to the low moisture content of the wood which absorbs a deeper saturation of color. Using recycled wood and a local supplier is just another way Dundee Gardens is #growinggreener


Natural Mulch
(5 scoop minimum)

Red Mulch
(5 scoop minimum)

Brown Mulch
(5 scoop minimum)

Black Mulch
(5 scoop minimum)

Calculate mulch delivery by the scoop (4 scoop minimum) online mulch calculator

Never order too much or too little mulch again.
One scoop of our mulch is approximately one cubic yard.
We recommend a depth of 2 - 3".

Mulch Calculator

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There is a 5 scoop minimum and 12 scoop maximum per delivery.

Dundee Gardens PA mulch delivery zone in Pennsylvania

Dundee Gardens delivers mulch straight to your home
Flat rate delivery is $30 with a 5 scoop minimum.
(12 scoop maximum)