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Pumpkins – From the Inside and Out

Many of us have carved a jack-o-lantern before, but have you ever taken the time to investigate the guts of a pumpkin?  What is all that stringy goo you scoop out of a pumpkin?  What is it for?  And why are there so many seeds inside?

Join Dundee Gardens for a hands on exploration inside of various types of pumpkins.  As we delve through the pumpkin goo, the history of the jack-o-lantern will be explained.  We will divulge just how pumpkins came to be a staple for pies making, and explore the importance of this vegetable (. . .or is it a fruit?) in Native Americanand early settler culture in our area.

Bumpy pumpkins, white pumpkins, speckled pumpkins too!  Learn many of the varieties and what each variety is grown for.  Be sure to bring all of your pumpkin questions and your taste buds too!

Registration for this event is $10.


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