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Taking Wing

Kindergarten – 8th grade
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We are all enchanted by the beauty of butterflies.  These beautiful insects are rendered in our art and home decor, we look to attract them to our gardens, their delicacy and striking colors delight us.  The lifecycle of the butterfly is just as fascinating as the butterfly is beautiful.  

Join us at Dundee Gardens for our upcoming Sunday class. Children will have the opportunity to learn about the lifecycle of the butterfly, soak in some little know butterfly facts, and then meet our rather wiggly butterflies-to-be!  These painted lady caterpillars will eat to their hearts content, build their chrysalis, and make the metamorphic change into a butterfly. Children will assist in building a butterfly "house" which will hang in our greenhouse.  The change from caterpillar to butterfly will take place for all Dundee Gardens customers to see and observe, and children may visit their caterpillars as often as they like.  Once the butterflies are ready to take wing, children will be invited back to release their butterflies!